Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the hits they keep on coming: Soroye to transfer

As reported by the CDP, second transfer in a week: Tunji Soroye will leave the program.

What this means:

- Hunch is that Soroye made up his mind when Will Harris's scholarship wasn't promised to him, or was promised to Calvin Baker outright. It's the sort of thing that can make a guy feel unwelcome, especially one who's put in five years in the program.
- Thusly, Calvin Baker is now probably a scholarship player, whether or not that decision was made before or after Soroye announced his decision to transfer.
- We are once again thin at center. The only players listed with a C are Jerome Meyinsse and the two freshmen, Sene and Brandenburg. Meyinsse is not a center, I don't care what the roster says. Not at 6'8". He and Lars are power forwards being asked to go up against bigger guys.

I hate to call Leitao's methods into question, and I've got little right to seeing as I literally have less insider access than the concession stand guys. But what goes on in a program when two players decide to leave in less than a week? I'd like to think it's a coincidence and hate to think it has anything to do with being pushed out. Harris' out-the-door comments seemed to reflect favorably on Leitao, so that's a plus. But a player "getting the feeling" that the program doesn't want him back, despite the work he's put in to come back knowing he probably won't even see much playing time - that is a question mark.

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