Wednesday, August 20, 2008

more on Lars

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The UVA career of Lars Mikalauskas was a colorful and exciting one, so you knew it wasn't going to end with nothing more than a terse statement from Dave Leitao and a fade into the sunset. Lars will be appealing his dismissal and plead with Leitao for another chance. Jeff White at the RTD points out that the dismissal was the result of three years of piled-up behavior issues. Which really only makes sense, because the usual reasons for dismissals result in headlines first, dismissal later. More than likely, there was a straw that broke the camel's back here, because the timing is odd, coming right as the team is about to start practice. Perhaps Lars was told not to take this trip to Lithuania that he's on, and took it anyway. Alternate theory: Lars may have been told he was only on the team conditional to Soroye not getting his medical waiver; Soroye gets waiver, gets scholarship, Lars gone. All just pure speculation anyway. My best guess is that this appeal will not work out for Lars and he will either transfer somewhere else or head back to Europe to start playing professionally. I'd like to see it work out for the guy, because there was never any doubt that when he came off the court he'd given it all he had.

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